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Previous | Next :: Helicopter Sunset over Manhattan : NYC : USA | February 7, 2010, 4:21 am

Helicopter Sunset over Manhattan :  NYC : USA
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I got back to NYC..... I managed to loose nothing....... LGA is the way to go....... JFK and Newark airports have become jinxed after I lost my iphone and my laptop getting off flights to them from Atlanta. So all is good. I arrive with all my stuff and I still have it when I get out of the taxi in Manhattan......... its a small miracle.

All this zapping about has been slightly taking its toll....... you know......... the 500 mile drives..... constantly going to bed at 3AM..... and starting shoots at 7AM......... in the end you are gonna need to crash............ finally I got into my own bed and slept. really slept........ I got up real late....... I tootled about at my place rang a few friends fiddled about on facebook........ did absolutely nothing....... a day off........ it was fantastic.

The light was going down at the end of the day. I was fiddling on my computer. I did not bother to put the lights on as I was looking at my screen as the apartment slipped into gloom. I became vaguely aware of a pink cast beautiful quality of light all around me. I looked away from the screen and out to the sky beyond. It was incredible. I was thinking woooow I've got to stop spending all day fiddling on the computer and look up sometimes.

I grabbed the camera and looked at the amazing sky. There was no time to go anywhere. It was now or never. So I am just about to start shooting the sky from the window just as a helicopter flies into sight heading for the landing pad right between the West Side Highway and the Hudson River. No time to think ...... I just shoot. This is the first frame...... I also shoot 24 more in mega rapid succession. But the first one is the best.

So that was it for any effort. Eleven seconds of photography..... hard life....... :-)) . Then Amin and Candice came round and we went out.

Cheers Jez XXXXX

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