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Previous | Next :: Blast from the Past : British Soldiers Firing on Republican Rioters : Derry | February 8, 2010, 1:25 am

Blast from the Past : British Soldiers Firing on Republican Rioters : Derry
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I was rolling down to Philadelphia from NYC. I'd upgraded the rental car to a 4X4 cos I knew Philly has just had 2 ft of snow. I was rolling and reflecting on the fact that Im still pretty British. The highway is empty. Everyone is watching the Super Bowl. Only a Brit could be driving not watching the TV event of the year..... and up to that point not really even have been aware it was happening......... :-))

While I was rolling I get a call from a picture researcher for a German news magazine asking me for some of the pictures from the old days of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. So I pass her on to Matt.

Now I am in the hotel in Philly I see Matt has sent me the selection he has sent to her. So here is a picture from back in the day of British soldiers firing baton rounds (plastic bullets) at Republican rioters in Derry / Londonderry. (Stroke City to us journos if you called it Londonderry to a Republican things could get nasty...... equally if you called it Derry to Loyalists bad things could happen ....... so it was always London Derry stroke Derry..... or just Stroke City)

Finally a deal over the local control of policing appears to have been agreed for Northern Ireland. The power sharing government that has brought peace might have been brought down over this, policing is an enormously divisive issue in the Provence. There was a danger of a return to violence. Hopefully the people and leaders have back looked into that abyss and decided never to return.


PS ....... For any Brits or others who know nothing of the ways of Americans ......... MIAMI -- "We're Super Bowl champs, we\'re Super Bowl champs," former Illinois and current New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas kept repeating after his team’s 31-17 win over theIndianapolis Colts.

PPS..... I heard the Who while they were playing at half time ....... I do know all about them they were playing their younger selves :-)) ...... but I still don't really know the rules of American Football :-))

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