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Previous | Next :: The Tracks of my Tears : Washington DC | May 20, 2006, 11:07 pm

The Tracks of my Tears : Washington DC
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Having spent the majority of his life since the age of seventeen in Iranian jails. The face of Amir Abbas Fakhrvar is scarred by the torture he faced. He has been on the run inside Iran for 10 months and has only arrived in the USA in the last couple of days. He has never left Iran before. He has managed to come to the USA to praise America's work for freedom in the Middle East and to urge President Bush to continue to stand firm against the current Iranian regime, to always think of ordinary people in Iran who want to live in liberty and democracy and justice therefore to use all methods to isolate and strangle the current Islamic fundamentalist regime. He was very clear that the nuclear capacity now being developed in Iran was only for creating nuclear weapons not for peaceful power plants as the current regime in Tehran claims.

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