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Previous | Next :: Rain at Earthday in DC : Washington : USA | February 19, 2010, 9:17 pm

Rain at Earthday in DC : Washington : USA
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Photoshop is 20 today.

Wooow....... Time flies when you are having fun.

Mind you I have only personally been using it for about 5 or 6 years myself. The agency always had photoshop people. I was not one of them. I was a film guy to the bitter end. Finally only when I started to shoot digital...... in the end I started to process the odd thing myself. Then I finally aquired a copy of photoshop for myself. I am still not a big user of the capabilities of photoshop and I never go in for manipulation....... I still have no interest in any of that........ so I have no idea how to do it......... :-))

But it is of course a mega program with incredible capabilities. Sometimes.. rarely.. I am glad I shot a particular image digitally and glad that it will be processed in photoshop. Its rare. normally I am using Photoshop to get my stuff back to how it looked when I shot it on RDP Fujichrome 100 film........ :-))

So I was looking through the archives of the blog for something that had really benefitted from a photoshop intervention.

This picture I shot ever so slightly under exposed as I was rushing to capture this amazing moment........ on film it might have been not quite so great........ but on digital RAW processed in photoshop any lost contrast and highlights of underexposure return.......... :-))

Even though I am not really a fan of the whole culture of photoshop....... sometimes even I love it......... Happy Birthday Photoshop!.


PS......... Talking of anniversaries and Earthday as I was....... This years Earthday in April will be the 40th anniversary...... thats pretty cool so if you are around the DC area you should call in on the Mall to support the activities and have fun and see me on stage as the official photographer :-)) ...... here...... are a ton of other activities you could support in your locality on the big day and all year.

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