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Previous | Next :: War on Terror's Prison : US Base Guantanamo Bay : Cuba | February 26, 2010, 11:13 pm

War on Terror's Prison : US Base Guantanamo Bay : Cuba
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MI5 (British Spook Organization) is getting hammered because of two stories on the front page of the BBC World News site............ One: That they, MI5, were trying to recruit as an informer a bloke associated with the 'Real IRA' a terror organization that has just begun a new campaign of car bombing in Northern Ireland......... Two: That they, MI5, secretly knew that a British resident and terror suspect picked up in Pakistan was being tortured. Possibly by the CIA or more likely by their proxies in Muslim State Security Organizations................

In story one : The 'Real IRA' went on to kidnap and kill the guy Kieran Doherty and admitted his murder and also confirmed he had been one of their members. They probably murdered him because they thought he was an informer.........

In story two : It's pretty clear that Binyam Mohamed received terrorist training in Afghanistan and fought with the Taliban against the Northern Alliance possibly against the US and that he was planning to commit attacks in the West otherwise he picked an odd time to holiday in Afghanistan. He was then arrested in Pakistan and mistreated in jail there and in jails in either Afghanistan or possibly Morocco . He ended up in Guantanamo.

The lesson for some is that the MI5 is out of control and operating outside the law. Call me crazy but that does not leap out at me. Yeah I suppose if they knew about the mistreatment of Binyam Mohamed ...... I guess there is an element of that..... but only if they knew.

But that really isn't the main lesson that comes out of these two stories for me....... The lesson for me is that if you are a terrorist, supporter of terror, a friend of terrorists or just a fellow traveller with terror, bad stuff can happen to you. Not just to the innocents you were hoping would cop for it.

I shot this picture at Guantanamo of US military personnel arriving at the prison end of the base.

Cheers Jez XXXX

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