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Previous | Next :: Banksy Graffiti Art Camden No2 : Regents Canal : London | March 1, 2010, 1:12 pm

Banksy Graffiti Art Camden No2 : Regents Canal : London
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I was reading Eleanor Mills in the Sunday Times Magazine about Banksy the secretive graffiti artist. She says : "He has been enlivening my commute by bike through East London for years, but I hadn't realized how warm and proprietorial everyone else feels about him as well"

Thats certainly true people genuinely love him. His stuff appears on tons of T-shirts and posters that you can pick up here in Camden. I don't think he benefits financially from any of that as he has the copyright symbol crossed out at the front of his book with the statement copyright is for losers. Which Im not sure I can go along with hehehe..........

The Sunday Times has an exclusive piece of art work done especially for their magazine cover by Banksy and an exclusive video of him working on it

According to SlamXhype another special piece for the front of London's Time Out Magazine is on the way.

Why is the art world's international man of mystery suddenly breaking cover in such a big way?

He has a movie to push....... :-)) ......... it looks funny....... 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' ........ Showing from next week in London.

Round the corner from where I am staying is a genuine Banksy under a bridge on the canal ........ one day when I was walking down on the tow path it had suddenly appeared having not been there the day before.

But it did not last for long. Banksy had used some earlier graffiti as part of his creation of a worker putting up graffiti wallpaper. King Robbo who had put up the previous graffiti apparently some 20 years earlier took offense and remodeled the Banksy figure to be apparently painting the name of King Robbo.

The joke is all this is going on below the police station which is up on the bridge....... :-))

Cheers Jez XXXXXX

PS....... This is the second in a series from under the bridge click on the picture to jump back to the Banksy original.

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