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Previous | Next :: Crucified in Easterhouse : Glasgow : Scotland | March 2, 2010, 9:09 pm

Crucified in Easterhouse : Glasgow : Scotland
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Here is a little note that came through facebook today :

Hi Jez, came across this image whilst browsing. l Grew up in Easterhouse, got caught up in drugs and gangs and really screwed my life up pretty badly. Went to a place called Teen Challenge 13 years ago and started seeing my life coming together again. TC is a Christian based rehab.

To cut a long story short, I wrote some pretty basic poems there whilst processing some stuff and I want to put them into a little book and would love to use this image as the cover. It would only be used in a few churches etc for nominal costs, I am back in Glasgow living now and do a lot of voluntary work in churches and rehab etc.

What do you think?

Can give you any more info you need.

Thanks S

And my reply:

Hi S .........

Thanks for your note....... Short and to the point...... but moving....... I was proud to receive your request.

No worries I would be glad to let you use this picture in the way you describe as long as you send me a couple of poems for my blog :-))

You need to just need to speak to Matt at my agency to keep him happy......... Im sure he will let u have it no charge..... if I ask him nicely...... You will need to let him know the usage and print run etc for clearance ..... It all sounds like its outside of our commercial criteria ..... and is for a worthy cause ........


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