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Previous | Next :: Islam & Art in Self Portrait : Whitechapel : London | March 9, 2010, 11:12 am

Islam & Art in Self Portrait : Whitechapel : London
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I was walking in Whitechapel today. This place has changed. It remains a place primarily peopled by families from Bangladesh. Very Islamic as it always was. But the change is coming through the influence and cultural imperialism of Saudi Arabian Whahabi Style Islam. All the women are now in black.

Only 8 years ago when I lived close to here, Whitechapel used to be a place filled with the beauty and color of Bangali Style dress, Islamic of course but Bangladeshi style Islam. London's Bengali style Islam was much more fun and flamboyant looking than the newly adopted black of Saudi Arabia. Now often worn with the full face covering, something I never saw back then. Im slightly saddened to see even small children wearing the headscarfs but glad to see this little girl still has pink boots and her mother's face remains uncovered..............

I can't really talk........ Im dressed in black with black sun glasses...........


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