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Previous | Next :: Gunthorpe Street : Whitechapel : London | March 10, 2010, 7:48 pm

Gunthorpe Street : Whitechapel : London
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Another picture from my strolling around in Whitchapel in these last couple of days......... this reflects more of the architecture of the past not the changing culture of now. This scene for me evokes almost the ghosts of an old archetypal view of the East End with dockers, criminals and prostitutes........ This could almost be an alley for the legendary crimes of Jack the Ripper.

I felt depressed by a link a jezblog reader sent me to a Dispatches program on Channel 4 looking into the rise of political manipulation and control by radical Islamists in the Borough of Tower Hamlets of which Whitechapel and the East end Mosque seem to be at the center...........

But I felt happy to hear on the BBC Today program of the fatwa issued by the Pakistani Islamic scholar Dr Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri condemning all acts of terror as sin against Allah. He travelled to London especially to issue his edict but was not able to get all Britain's leading Islamic leaders to attend or endorse his fatwa although some did attend and supported him.

Canada-based Dr Qadri spoke for more than an hour on his reasons why the Koran forbids the murder and mayhem of suicide bombings.

"This fatwa is an absolute condemnation of terrorism. Without any excuse, without any pretext, without any exceptions, without creating any ways of justification," he said. "This condemnation is in its totality, in its comprehensiveness, its absoluteness, a total condemnation of every act of terrorism in every form which is being committed or has been committed wrongly in the name of Islam."

Hey its nice to hear something like this with real clarity.


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