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Previous | Next :: The Blair Bush Project : The White House DC | May 27, 2006, 4:10 pm

The Blair Bush Project : The White House DC
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The British Prime Minister Tony Blair is visiting the White House and giving a joint press conference with the President. They both speak very passionately about the defense of freedom and liberty, the right to live free of terror, both in the US and the UK and across the world, especially in Iraq. Tony Blair always comes over as a conviction politician but the George Bush is famed for appearing less serious and convincing. Tony Blair gave such an eloquent heartfelt speech at one point George Bush joked about how he had meant to say it like that. I felt that Bush did speak convincingly and from the heart he wasn't using the 'sophisticated' language of Blair but the passion and conviction was clear. They seemed to genuinely like each other and enjoy each others performance. The headlines were made by Bush admitting some mistakes and saying he regretted using 'less sophisticated' language in the past like 'bring it on' and 'dead or alive' Blair saying he regretted some aspects of the 'de-Bathification' of Iraq.

Well its a right hassle getting into a press conference like this. We were there for the strict security etc 4 hours before..... there is an awful lot of hanging about and then........ every one is roped into a position were you have to wait some more. Its interesting to see political theatre in the flesh as it were but Im glad I don't do only this................... its so hard to shoot an interesting creative image from a fixed position at the back. Not because of the subject but because of where you have to be in relationship to it....... always the roped off bit at the back for TV crews and photographers. Guys who do this all day everyday have got into using remote cameras on radio controlled slave units to get more interesting pictures from closer angles as they are allowed to pre-position cameras but not be closer themselves. Its frustrating not to be able to do it better but its great to have a peek inside the White House.

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