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Previous | Next :: President Obama Speaking in Richmond : VA : USA | March 18, 2010, 8:44 pm

President Obama Speaking in Richmond : VA : USA
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Tomorrow morning I have got to be up at 4-30AM to fly to Richmond Virginia. Last time I was there I shot this, in slightly more optimistic times for President Obama before the reality of attempting Health care reform had hit home.

So I had a good time shooting the President but I had a distinctly bad time earlier on with the cops of Virginia. I was charged with reckless driving because I was speeding at 10-mph above the speed limit...... er..... Same speed as everyone else of course ..... But I get stopped because I have an out of state plate and a Beast car.

Then I get done for reckless driving because I said I am on my way to see then Presidential Candidate Obama. This was enough to make the cop see red. So he charges me as if I was driving recklessly...... which of course I was not.

The courts and the lawyers were equally cavalier just make it up as they go along . i don't know the cop or the judge which seems to be very important to the system of justice down there, and once the lawyer has his money he does not care, so in the end i am still guilty even though in the actual proceedings i was found not guilty....... yeah its like a banana Republic....... actually thats not fair cos I have been to a lot of places that people call banana republics and have never been charged with imaginary crimes. No, the police and justice of that neck of the woods are like only the police and courts of Virginia. I have never experienced it quite like that anywhere else.

Its best not to go there of course. But if you must you need to be armed and walking or using some kind of horse drawn cart.

As nothing much has changed for me, basically Im kind of liberal looking photographer, not armed, with a NY driving license, and a British accent, the chances of being charged with an imaginary crime are very high. So I won't be renting a car or staying the night.( It is certainly a crime to go to a night-club or I believe a hotel in Virginia without a weapon) Im gonna fly in early and fly out as soon as possible. To get from the airport I will be hidden in the back of a horse drawn cart driven into town I will shoot my pictures then leave via the same route . Hopefully the Sheriff will be unaware that a liberal looking unarmed bloke with cameras, New York ID and a British accent was ever there, otherwise obviously it could be very tricky for me. Who knows what imaginary crimes I could be charged with.

Although I understand it is an affront to a Virginia Policeman to come across a vaguely Liberal looking person. It is only actually a violation if you are unarmed or say anything that could be construed as Liberal or if you are on the way to see a famous Democratic politician that of course constitutes recklessness in the eyes of the law. My understanding is under Virginia Law its basically up the individual policeman to make up the charges as he goes along.

Remember kids: Don't do drugs and don't go to Virginia. Its as simple as that.


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