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Previous | Next :: Village Life, Children of Ecomfi Attackwa, Rainforest : Ghana : Africa | March 25, 2010, 11:53 pm

Village Life, Children of Ecomfi Attackwa,  Rainforest : Ghana : Africa
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Today, Friday, I am judging the World Bank's CGAP Micro-finance Photo Contest. It's a wonderful competition to judge the entries are amazing. Pictures from all across the globe. An interesting glimpse of the lives of ordinary people from many countries. Micro finance is a fantastic way of empowering the poor to build a better life for themselves, so it's a nice thing to be associated with. This is the second year I have been involved, don't worry they have other judges from National Geographic and the Washington Post etc etc..... It's not entirely up to me..... I am way too indecisive....... hehehe....... Anyway I am looking forward to seeing all the entries this year........... :-))

There is a downside in that I have to get up at 4-15AM for the second time in a week to fly out of good old HJ Atlanta Airport on a real early flight....... this time to get up to DC.

Still......... I think at the end of the day when I finish in DC...... I will finally be able to go back to NYC....... Its been great working out of ATL with Matt...... We did our final ATL shoot today (that we know about at the moment that is:-)) )........ but its nice to go home to NYC in the end.............. I won't be in NYC long but hey I get to see my place read the post........ see the odd yellow cab........ you know the kind of thing :-)) :-)) :-))

The picture above is from a memorable trip I once made into the rain forest of Ghana..... in the early evening as the light was waning the village of Enomfi Attackwa seemed alive with children....... :-))


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