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Previous | Next :: Eugene Terreblanche is Dead : AWB Flag : South Africa | April 3, 2010, 9:53 pm

Eugene Terreblanche is Dead : AWB Flag : South Africa
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I see that Eugene Terreblanche has died. Well been killed as he slept on his farm.

He was the leader of the white supremacist movement the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement - AWB) in South Africa.

Under his inept leadership the AWB tried to stop the dismantling of Apartheid as Mandela was released and the first one person one vote election was organized.

Terreblanche led his fellow AWB supporters on a raid into Bophuthatswana as part of that vile AWB campaign to stop the spread of democracy. Instead of this demonstrating their awesome power to stop the move toward democracy he and his fellow fascists were humiliatingly chased away by police and defense forces . A couple were left injured by their vehicle and were finished off without mercy by the Bop military on live TV. It proved to be a public relations disaster for the AWB, as it demoralized the white right, and showed the world in stark terms that decades of white supremacy had come to an end. Despite this disaster, Eugène Terre'Blanche proclaimed the campaign a victory because over a hundred Bophuthatswana soldiers were killed and only three AWB members. This raid effectively ended any thought of white fascists and reactionary supporters of apartheid of trying to actually fight to stop the movement to democracy.

Although this was the opposite of what he had intended. That raid demonstrated the weakness of those reactionary white forces outside of government, it helped reactionary forces in the white community to understand it was time for democracy. That to fight against it was pointless and likely to be fatal....... so even though it was the total opposite of what he had wanted...... the old fascist seemed to be attempting to start a race war........ he in the end through his ineptitude weirdly contributed to a peaceful transition.

I have pictures of him somewhere........ he had the piercing blue eyes of the archetypal Hollywood portrayal of a nazi........ I have the pictures somewhere........ but not to hand right now........ this image is made of an AWB flag held by an uncomfortable looking white youth while Terreblanche is speaking at a rally to stop democracy back in the day in the lead up to the election of Mandela.


PS......... Here is a link to a famous picture that showed the execution of the AWB men left behind as their comrades fled....... this picture was made by ken Oosterbroek who died even as I tried to give him heart massage and mouth to mouth a few weeks later......... as we all desperately tried to save him........ after he was shot in Thokoza township days before Mandela was elected President and the new South Africa was born.

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