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An anonymous hero - Atlanta
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Well Jez has been off jetting around with the U.S Army in the desert, then on to an assignment in the UK, so he's given me permission to post an image or 2 on the blog in his absence... a risky move on his part!

This is a photo that he took recently at the Red Cross Blood Services in Atlanta. I really like the blur in this one as it gives the sense of urgency and anonymity that these guys work under. Collecting the blood is only the first step. It then has to be tested, separated, categorized and distributed before it's used to save lives. One emergency room case alone may use up to and beyond 100 units just to keep someone alive while they are patched up, and each unit represents 1 donor. Unfortunately the demand often outweighs the supply... 1-800-GIVELIFE.

Cheers, Matt

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