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Previous | Next :: Women Fitness Models in the Wings : Real World Tour : Houston | May 10, 2010, 1:23 am

Women Fitness Models in the Wings : Real World Tour : Houston
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These gals are looking good ........ but also they look like they could give you a jolly good kicking if they chose to :-)) ........ This picture shows competitors waiting in the wings about to go on stage for the fitness models section of the Real World Tour Competition that I photographed on Saturday morning in Houston.

While posting this I am listening to the World Service of the BBC....... The finance Ministers of Europe are trying to pump up confidence in the Euro along with the IMF and European Central Bank .......they have just emerged from an 11 hour meeting......... between them a Trillion Euro has been set aside in an emergency support mechanism to fend off a debt crisis in the Euro currency itself...... the idea to boost confidence and liquidity in the sickly Eurozone...... but it appears the currency may be still slipping against the Dollar.

Weakness in the Euro seems inevitable unless the problems of Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland can be properly addressed...... it strikes me.... there's no way the Eurozone is going to be looking fully pumped up and strong like these women above for some good while to come. :-))


PS....... while on the subject of money From the Pound to the Dollar by Maroon Town great bit of Ska

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