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Previous | Next :: Gas Guzzlers Guzzling : Gas Station 10th Av : NYC | May 21, 2010, 7:47 pm

Gas Guzzlers Guzzling : Gas Station 10th Av :  NYC
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BP announced just now that the amount of oil they are preventing being spilled into the sea is much less than they had previously announced......... Yesterday they said they were capturing 5000 barrels a day...... Today thats down to 2000..... Some estimates put the actual spillage rate at 75,000 even 90,000 barrels a day...... Yeah...... The spillage goes on big time.

That horrible oil pollution goes on spewing into the sea and oil is now showing up on the land.

A disaster down on that Louisiana Alabama coast in the second term of President G. W. Bush damaged his Presidency immeasurably. His apparent failure to act. His apparent failure to even grasp the enormity of the disaster that Hurricane Katrina represented damaged his standing to such a degree that his ratings never recovered.

Im starting to wonder if BP's Deep Water Horizon disaster off that same Alabama coast might be slipping into that same political arena. No one in DC it seems is really seriously concentrating on this ecological crisis. Government appears to be totally relying on BP to fix their own mess. Today some journalists accused the Obama administration of still being spectators, only watching and waiting for BP to act.

Above are Beast cabs refueling in the middle of the night around 3AM. on 10th Av in New York City .......... Those NYC beast cabs are thirsty creatures .......... No doubt if they could speak they might still sound like John McCain "Drill baby Drill".


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