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Previous | Next :: Buffalo Bill Cycling Advocate and Bike Polo Star : Elephant and Castle : London | May 22, 2010, 11:58 pm

Buffalo Bill Cycling Advocate and Bike Polo Star : Elephant and Castle : London
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I am it seems even busier in London when I get over here than I am in the glorious US of A........ Well it kind of seems that way....... I hardly ever seem to get out and see my old mates when I'm here........ and what with one thing and another it's actually hard to post any of the material I am producing here as often it's not right for the clients I am working with.

But today I did get to see some of my oldest friends from London....... When I first moved to London I got my first job in photography with the radical photo agency Report/IFL, Stefano Cagnoni and Helen Warby were leading lights in that slightly off the wall but highly motivated set up. I haven't seen them much in recent years Helen I have not seen for maybe 10 years? So its real nice to see them........ I always feel grateful to Report and all the people I worked with there because that was the beginning of my professional photographic life and i learned so much from all those guys......... and partly as I feel they have not changed one bit I still feel very close to them :-))

This photo is not of either Stef or Helen...... :-)) hehehehe............ but is at least shot in London recently. This is a slightly sinister looking portrait of the famed (in cycling circles) bike courier and bicycle polo star and cycling campaigner........ Buffalo Bill (who is actually a great bloke just looks slightly sinister in this image :-) ).......... shot at night time game of Bike Polo in Elephant and Castle.


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