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Previous | Next :: No One Home but us Chickens : Kentish Town : London | June 2, 2010, 8:48 pm

No One Home but us Chickens : Kentish Town : London
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Today I went with a friend who is thinking of getting a place in London...... to look at a possible property. Property prices are still just crazy in London despite some drop at the beginning of the financial crisis..... now they are on their way back up again anyway...... so affordable property is likely to have some draw backs....... but this place was kind of crazy on that front........ It was supposed to be empty but was totally full of vile trash...... and had a fair few critters living in it..... this was the scene in one of the bedrooms......... the smell of bird poop was totally over powering....... you need to some vision and nerve if you are thinking of purchasing a place in this state....... but hey its gonna be a bit cheaper :-/


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