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Previous | Next :: Blood on the Streets : Mass Killing VTEC Blacksburg : Virginia : USA | June 4, 2010, 6:29 am

Blood on the Streets : Mass Killing VTEC Blacksburg : Virginia : USA
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Britain is reeling from a mass shooting suicide incident in Cumbria. Tragically a taxi driver shot his twin brother and lawyer. Then drove for miles just killing random people before killing himself. 12 people have been shot dead another 8 seriously wounded.

This sleepy rural County in Britain has very few incidents of crime never mind an incident with this level of violence and horror. The police had to call a nearby more urban county to send a helicopter. They knew it was happening but had no idea where he would strike next, the killing spree lasted for hours. Today the Prime Minister has flown up to Cumbria to offer his condolences and thank the medical and emergency services.

I am not going. These kind of events are so depressing. This picture is made in the aftermath of the mass killings on the VTEC Campus in Blacksburg Virginia...... woow this was seriously depressing...... just totally tragic.

Britain has relatively few of these mass killing events...... certainly a lot fewer than the US and even much less than many other European countries...... partly as we have so few guns available to the population. On the radio I heard Britain has had 4 incidents like this. This one in Cumbria ....... and also one in Hungerford ..... and another in Dunblaine ...... and one in Mill Town Cemetry in Belfast....... which I was actually present at during the killing ...... that was a pretty intense depressing day.


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