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Previous | Next :: General Petraeus : New Afghan Coalition Commander : USA | June 24, 2010, 1:23 am

General Petraeus : New Afghan Coalition Commander : USA
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So here is the man facing a task most of us would never want and could not begin to imagine actually taking on, today General Petraeus has been appointed to lead US and other foreign forces in Afghanistan......... this is not the first time he has taken on a heavy duty task............ this is what he said when he was appointed to lead US and coalition forces in Iraq :

"The situation is dire, the stakes are high there are no easy choices. The way ahead will be very hard" he said. "But hard is not hopeless"

In the end his time in Iraq is regarded as a big success. He was in charge for what was at the time President Bush's incredibly unpopular surge policy. Petraeus did suceed in making it work...... basically overseeing a significant lowering of violence during and after that surge .

So I guess it makes sense to appoint him now to lead an Afghan surge ...... and specifically to replace the disgraced General Stanley McChristal. McChristal had given a damaging interview to Rolling Stone Magazine. The article appeared to show McChristal and his team did not respect the civilian leadership in the USA. Obviously President Obama decided this was unacceptable and is lets face it is pretty out of line for a senior soldier. So McCrystal was summarily dismissed as the Afghan commander, proving you've got to be able to take orders as well as give them even if you are a General.

So.... it's good Luck to General Petraeus. I liked him when I met him. His soldiers and staff clearly loved him. Hopefully he can rapidly establish that same respect at his new command.

With the Taliban ramping up for the summer's fighting hopefully there will be no wobble in the coalition leadership. Individual frontline soldiers and Afghan civilians alike deserve a command structure that really functions to protect them. Not one riven by petty personal struggles and mistrust as it appears they had previously.


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