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Previous | Next :: Yellow Cab on a Rainy Night - 23rd St NYC | July 19, 2006, 12:43 am

Yellow Cab on a Rainy Night - 23rd St NYC
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Its been boiling hot in New York both today and yesterday.....even at night..... I was driving yesterday at midnight and 1010 acu-weather was announcing it was 85 degrees in midtown........ at midnight! Anyway finally tonight it started to pour with rain at about 10 PM this evening. So I stepped outside with a camera, I didn't have an umbrella so I was a little restricted in my movements. Basically I stuck to sheltered bits, so I contented myself with my usual obession..... attempting the illusive perfect shot of a NYC cab. The rain helps the reflecting light off the road...........I like this......... but it remains illusive.

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