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Port of Felixstowe Largest Container Port in the UK : Suffolk : England
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H July 22, 2010 at 12:23am Subject: past history... Jez, working my way through this online stuff is like learning a foreign language!! I am mid way through moving house, part to France and part to elsewhere, too complicated for now... anyway, I came across a sheet of paper that was a letter head for you when you were at college in Kent! I threw it away in the madness of packing but it has been preying on my mind ever since so I just had to get in touch and say you did it, I can't believe you did it, you are really a photojournalist and reportage artist, which is what it said on that sheet of paper from 1985!! That is so cool. Guess what I ended up as a teacher with 3 sons and a husband who I think I first met not long after you......... All the best, keep taking those amazing photos, happiness and kind thoughts, H..... PS I still can't help but park my car (currently a transit! with the wheels aligned emotionally) HX

I picked up this lovely message today on FB ..... just now in fact..... while flying ..... I am on a plane flying to San Diego from Atlanta (having got on a plane in Baltimore earlier today)....... it's so lovely to hear from people in your dim and distant past........ especially with such a surprising and unexpected kind little message....... so great ........ and it seems even more surprising to get it while flying at 30,000 ft :-))........ I guess it must be 2010..... for a minute i was a student again.

It was so nice to get this ...... so I decided to put it on the blog......... but I am flying...... I hav'nt got that many pictures on me certainly none from that far back :-)) ....... but luckily I have this above......... it is a shot of some of H's belongings being shipped to France...... this is only the first 15% of her stuff to go overseas..... I understand the rest of the important paperwork from 1985 will be shipped seperately in much more secure containers under armed guard ..... hehehe.......

Thanks for this little note H ....... it made my day........ Happiness and kind thoughts to you and all your family ........... :-)) XXXXXXXX

Cheers Jez XXXXXXX

PS.... I still park with the wheels aligned emotionally myself...... :-)) Click here and also here for people (everyone except me and H) who have no idea what this means :-)) XXXX

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