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Previous | Next :: Big Ben Houses of Parliament : London : UK | August 15, 2010, 8:59 pm

Big Ben Houses of Parliament : London : UK
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Well that was tight I woz supposed to meet up with Matt and Barry J at Dulles but my habit of cutting things tight on any journey to the airport combined badly with a mega jam on the Beltway and left things just crazy tight even by my standards....

Consequently I never did see his BarryJness... but I did manage to trade the Beast car for a pile of my old undies...

I think Matt got the better deal frankly... although he now has to drive back down to the big ATL in the Beast .... risking malicious prosecution in Virginia and the rest... but hey.... He gets the Beast ... I just get a pile of my old undies back.... Yeah not much of a deal.... Not sure how I ever agreed to that one....

For what ever reason I am not on Delta again.... I'm on United right now as I write flying over the Atlantic from DC to London ..... United... It's always a bad move... $100-00 excess for each bag over one in the hold... Talking of bad deals.... What kind of a deal is that....?

It's true I have a bit of a hang up about luggage allowances... But I do pretty well always have a pile of gear with me.... and the extra undies has pushed me to the absolute limit of what the plane can take........ hehehehe......... An extra $300 per flight really really starts to add up even if you only take a couple of flights a year never mind hundreds :-/ :-) :-))


PS.......... Harv is right (yesterdays comments) this is a great track"Placebo Running Up That Hill" we have had a few connections with Placebo over the years a person working with us back in the day at Insight was a great friend of Brian M's........ leading to some way serious Tequila nights out :-/ :-) :-)) hehehehe :-))

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