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Previous | Next :: Bicycling Insurgent? Mystery Location? | July 27, 2006, 6:52 pm

Bicycling Insurgent? Mystery Location?
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Mike, Owen, Matt, Darkness, Salar thanks for checking out the blog and commenting, thanks for your kind remarks. Owen is right its a bit of a trick question. Sorry about that..... Suffice to say its not Iraq or Afghanistan? I know so where else could it be? A print is still to be posted out to the nearest guess....... Im not sure if that is Darkness or Owen at the moment... you guys should both have another guess....... and its still open to all...........Im hanging out in Paris right now and I cant put up on the blog anything Im working on...... so its more from the mystery location for a day or so....... see if you can put in the most accurate approximation of location to win the print of your choice........ so you have a day or so more time for frenzied repeat guessing! Cheers Jez XX

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