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Previous | Next :: Quite Time in the Village of Constant War : Mystery Location | July 28, 2006, 4:39 pm

Quite Time in the Village of Constant War :  Mystery Location
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agggggghhh ........ you guys have got me. It was a trick question....... sorry......... It is in fact all shot in the USA!

Pete and Owen are right its a training facility in the desert were the US Army prepares its soldiers for the asymmetric warfare they will face in Iraq. Its an incredible place the size of Rhode Island with more than 8 villages with Iraqi people living in them. In the past they practiced the expected/feared tank battles with the USSR in clash of the Titan battles, these days soldiers go on patrol, come under fire, have all sorts of problems and nice interactions with the hired in Iraqi population of the artificially constructed villages. They attempt greetings in arabic and check the ID of young men they meet in ways specifically designed to be non hostile and not humiliating to the arab men or any of the rest of the population. They accompany Iraqi police. They negotiate with the town elders drink tea with the old guys at the Mosque........... then run into an IED on the way back to base....... where even when they try to sleep..... they then face mortar rounds all night........ its just like the real thing......... helping them to do the right thing, stay in control, win over the locals and stay alive... next time... when they do it for real.

Er.......... its not actually in Nevada Pete but that is by far the closest guess so far........

Keep guessing guys JC XX

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