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Previous | Next :: Knocked Off Balance by BP : Golden Meadow Bayou : Louisiana | September 11, 2010, 9:10 pm

Knocked Off Balance by BP : Golden Meadow Bayou : Louisiana
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If you are out and about in Britain today you should be buying a copy of The Sunday Times ............ have a peek in the Sunday Times Magazine ............ for a moving piece on the BP Deep Water Horizon disaster written by Ed Caeser ..... featuring some photographs by yours truly............

This image above shows 3 guys whose employment is all on hold due to the oil spill. Standing central is Jasper Luke who was working with a rental company that specialized in rental equipment for oil exploration rigs, in the water is Derick Billiot who was working on a fishing boat that cannot now fish, and in mid air is Lance Billiot who is currently unemployed having previously had casual work in fishing related areas.

This tight-knit group of brothers and cousins now again spend hours with other friends diving and swimming as they did back when they were kids, their houses face the water here at Golden Meadow Bayou on La Fourche Canal. Fortunately the oil has not reached the community where they actually live....... But they are still seriously feeling its effects.


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