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Previous | Next :: US Flag Fading : Guantanamo : Cuba | October 7, 2010, 1:51 am

US Flag Fading : Guantanamo : Cuba
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Today, in a further setback for President Obama's attempts to close Guantanamo Bay and bring detainees to trial in civilian courts, a key prosecution witness in the first such trial has been barred from giving evidence.

The judge ruled that the testimony was not admissible because it was gained through coercion in 1998.

Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani is charged in connection with disgusting attacks on US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in which 200 people died.

I made this picture of the US Flag on a small boat leaving what was then Camp Delta the high security Prison Facility at the Guantanamo base.......... It seems like the flag is fading in this legal dark land that had as its motto........ " Honor bound to defend freedom "


Here is more info on the case and its implications :

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