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Previous | Next :: The rubbish piles up in Liverpool, England | October 27, 2010, 11:23 pm

The rubbish piles up in Liverpool, England
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And so the rubbish piles up in my basement, boxes and boxes and boxes of it... well, not rubbish really. Just the unsorted masses of prints, negatives and transparencies that Jez has produced over the years of film. for the over a decade it's been living in an assortment of storage units in England and America and now it's found it's way to me to sort through etc.

I've been testing out a copy stand on some of the old prints and this image is one of the tests... hope it's blog worthy Jez, but you did say the choice was mine :)))

The back of the print reads:

The city of Liverpool in the north of England. 22.6.91 Rubbish piles up in the alleyways in the Toxteth district of the city.

Enjoy, Matt

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