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Previous | Next :: Running for a flight - Times Education Supplement 1989 | December 17, 2010, 2:01 am

Running for a flight - Times Education Supplement 1989
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I last spoke to Jez just after he'd caught his breath from running to get on the flight to London from JFK. After getting stuck in traffic and the taxi driver dropping him off at the wrong terminal he got there with 1 munite 14 seconds to spare (or so he was informed).

I told him that I'd stumbled across this old tearsheet of his from the Times Education Supplement from 1989 and the image reminded me of this one that he shot in the aftermath of Katrina and I was thinking of posting it on the blog. To which he told me that funnily enough he'd just exchanged emails with Victoria Lukens who was the picture editor for the TES back in the day and she'd given him his first assignment after leaving Report IFL

So in light of the fact that Jez will be sat on a plane for the next 8 hours it's an opportune time to post this.

Cheers, Matt

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