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Photography by Reportage Artist Jez Coulson : Insight-Visual : Worldwide
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Tell the story that you want to ......... through the pictures that we make :-)

Cheers Jez XX

PS......... Through our huge range of experience we understand deadlines, corporate and commercial culture , communications, branding, marketing, advertising, and a broad spectrum of business disciplines. We can work in the Head Office with the CEO or at the coal face with the workforce. Ours is an honest reportage style that captures the culture, identity and capability of organizations. We always build quotes to suit your budgets on shoots in Atlanta, New York, London or literally anywhere worldwide. We are a solid team but small and nimble enough to make things count without fuss and bother. Talk to me to make it happen.

Cheers, Matt

PPS.........Here above is a little set of pics Matt sent to some designers and select corporate clients today ........ if you are only aware of my work through this blog......... or magazines......... you can see here a little hint of some its application in the odd commercial venue ........ a little hint of things we get up to on grown up days :-))


PPPS......... I see 'Cake's' decision to willfully deny people the right to take photos is paying off big time........ they are Number One on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart... :-))....... but sadly for them they have the distinction of scoring the lowest number of sales while still being number one since records began :-/

Cheers Jez XXXXXXX

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