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Previous | Next :: Crows Not Speaking: California : USA | February 6, 2011, 9:18 pm

Crows Not Speaking: California : USA
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I found this picture hanging about on my desk top where a number of mighty pictures have just sort of missed their moment and been abandoned........

Here is one thats obviously been hanging out miserably on the desk top since I was last on the West Coast...... thats a while ago now.........

Anyway,I looked at this picture and it made me think of a politics story I was just reading in the Guardian. Apparently the Labour Leader Ed Milliband will be campaigning for a 'Yes vote' on the new proposed 'Alternative Vote' system that the Liberal Democrat's have won a referendum over as part of their price to enter and support the Tory led Coalition government. So you would think that Ed Milliband would be able to therefore join Nick Clegg the Lib Dem Leader on the campaign trail. They could jointly call on the merry folk of Britain to join them in voting 'Yes' to AV. But sadly Ed Milliband will apparently not agree to appear on a platform with Nick Clegg............ seems kind of petty...... not really in the spirit of creating a new modern more representative Parliament...... in a cross party alliance........ :-/:-) :-))) :-)))))))))))))


PS............ Here is the Counting Crows on the subject of not talking.............

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