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Previous | Next :: Christopher Hitchens is Unwell : Washington : DC | February 11, 2011, 1:26 am

Christopher Hitchens is Unwell : Washington :  DC
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A nice guy called Scott got in touch with me a he had seen an interview where the writer Christopher Hitchens had said he had really enjoyed receiving messages and letters of support from well wishers and admirers of his work.

Christopher Hitchens is very ill with a very drastic cancer that is feared may even be terminal. So Scott told me he wanted to build a site especially to allow people to leave a message in support of Hitch. To thank him for his inspirational writing and to help him keep his spirits up during the grim treatments that fighting cancer always requires.

Hitch is really my fave writer at the moment so to be asked to supply a photograph in the hope that he might find some comfort and that his supporters can have the opportunity to express their gratitude to him really feels an honor to me, so I was delighted to give Scott a picture.

The site "Dear Christopher" is now up and running. With my picture of Hitch and this letter below from me .......... and of course messages from hundreds of others............... if you are in any way an admirer of Christopher Hitchens and its hard to imagine anybody who does not have at least a sneaking admiration for him ........ you should click here an add your good wishes :-))

Here's hoping Hitch is able to stay well for a very long time to come :-))


The title: 'God is Not Great' I have become used to it now, but when I first heard it, before it was even published, I gasped and laughed out loud . I immediately marveled at your bravery. Again, I admired your courage in putting forward these ideas then taking them in person directly to America's 'Bible Belt' on your book tour.

Good on you Hitch!

Thanks for your inspirational stance.

Cheers Jez XX

PS ....... I made the photo above in DC back in 2007 on a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon when you shared a platform with Ayaan Hirsi Ali you were both magnificent :-))

Jez Coulson Photojournalist and Reportage Artist

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