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Previous | Next :: Weeping Soldier : Bosnian Civil War | February 20, 2011, 5:11 am

Weeping Soldier : Bosnian Civil War
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Iran released two German reporters that had been reporting on a woman due to be stoned to death. Iran has been holding them for more than 100 days.

Cuba released more of the writers and dissidents they are holding after having originally sentenced them to 20 years.

People rose up to protest in Benghazi Libya but Colonel Gaddafi's troops fired on the crowds apparently killing 104 people.

In Bahrain people battled the police and army and are now occupying the main square once more.

Dictatorships remain a serious problem to the world and especially to the people living under them. Some of that Neocon stuff about bringing democracy looks a lot more salient these days. Its not clear that they will create proper democracy through all this revolution but clearly the concepts of freedom and change are as attractive to the people of the Middle East as to any other people.

Imagine having lived under 40 years of Colonel Gaddafi....... you would surely be desperate for something else....... not his son.


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