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Previous | Next :: Time For A no Fly Zone over Libya ? | March 12, 2011, 9:05 pm

Time For A no Fly Zone over Libya ?
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Amazing to see the Arab League is now calling for a Western supplied no fly zone over Libya.......... just Amazing.

I would love to see the rebels not be massacred by Gadaffi's airpower........ so I think....... they should do it...... go for a no fly zone ......... I think........ mind you.......... whatever happens Western armies should stay out of a ground war in Libya........

But maybe a no fly zone could offer protection to the Libyan Rebels the way the Kurds in Northern Iraq were protected from Saddam's air force after the first Gulf War.

The regime's helicopter gunships were allowed to fly in the South of Iraq at the time and were used by Saddam's forces to slaughter the Marsh Arabs, who unlike the Kurds up North, never benefitted from a no fly zone protecting their rebellion. All the Marsh Arabs involved or in any way close to that anti Saddam rebellion were massacred the uprising was obliterated using airpower. I would hate to see that happen in Libya.

I shot this picture with British forces operating in the Middle East......... helicopters are so incredible....... they can be so dangerous as enemy aircraft or so helpful as friendly support to soldiers on the ground....... mind you they totally destroy your cameras with all that sand getting blasted about when they are overhead.


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