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Previous | Next :: Ringo Camden Guard Dog : Grand Union Canal : London | March 13, 2011, 9:05 pm

Ringo Camden Guard Dog : Grand Union Canal : London
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My shoot in Jerusalem is delayed by a couple of days so I get to hang out in London for the weekend :-))))

There is nothing I like better than taking my fave little girl Jack Russelll ever for a stroll over the Heath or down the canal in Camden when I'm in town :-))

Me and Ringo have walked down this canal system for miles.

She is pretty good about photography too...... she hangs about while I'm making pictures. In fact she is a pretty good guard dog growling a little when people approach....... she doesn't want me getting mugged on her watch :-)))

There is only one problem.... she is just a tiny bit dominant in the pictures hehehehe.......... :-)))))))))))) XXXXXXXXXXX


This is one of the main reasons I bought this NEX5 Harv........ so I can walk unencumbered by gear ........... and still have a camera :-))))))) Sure the Titanium Lecia M9 would be better........ but who on Earth would walk down the canal towpath in Camden at night with a $30,000 collectors camera relying on an 12 inch high dog to protect them........ hehehehe :-))))))))) XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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