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Previous | Next :: Child with Toy Gun : Jerusalem Old City : Israel | March 21, 2011, 8:45 pm

Child with Toy Gun : Jerusalem Old City : Israel
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I had a little time to walk in the Old City of Jerusalem today. It is fantastic as ever. It's the Jewish Festival of Purim today which is a very happy celebratory day for all of Judaism. It was great to watch all sorts of people, young and old, in fancy dress all day as part of the celebrations :-)))).

Many, many young boys were proudly dressed as soldiers in very realistic copies of the uniforms worn by Israeli soldiers......... others wore copies of border police uniform...... other children wore colorful outfits of tigers and lions and all sorts ........ Many girls were dressed as princesses some as ballerinas........ It was all such innocent fun..........

But I did feel there was a special poignancy in seeing the children dressed as small soldiers........ playing with their toy guns. In the past I have seen Palestinian children dressed in the colors of Hamas with toy weapons. Even children dressed as suicide bombers. I don't know....... I felt a sadness that not only are traditions and beliefs of both sides being handed down......... but also the fears and hatreds....... and of course the unending conflict.


PS................. This reminded me of Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel

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