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Previous | Next :: Ai Weiwei is imprisoned ... Sunflower Seeds Tate Modern on iPhone : South Bank London | April 4, 2011, 8:29 pm

Ai Weiwei is imprisoned ... Sunflower Seeds Tate Modern on iPhone : South Bank London
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The artist Ai Weiwei has been detained and disappeared in his native China.

I hate those regimes that just disappear people without due process so even their families don't know why or where they have been taken..

I particularly hate regimes that do it to writers and artists. It really is a fascist thing to do. It makes me sick to hear people bleat on about fantastic literacy levels in Cuba when writers are locked up for things they have written......... some for up to thirty years.

I shot this just as a reference and an aide to memory for me........... on my iphone when I visited Tate Modern last time ........ Specifically to see Ai Weiwei's piece............ Sunflower Seeds .....

"Sunflower Seeds is a vast sculpture that can be gazed upon from the Turbine Hall bridge (of Tate Modern), or viewed at close range. Each piece is a part of the whole, a poignant commentary on the relationship between the individual and the masses. There are over one hundred million seeds, five times the number of Beijing's population and nearly a quarter of China's internet users. The work seems to pose numerous questions. What does it mean to be an individual in today's society? Are we insignificant or powerless unless we act together? What do our increasing desires, materialism and number mean for society, the environment and the future? "

I hope he is released soon.............. :-/


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