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Previous | Next :: Jez asleep - Portsmouth RI | April 20, 2011, 12:16 am

Jez asleep - Portsmouth RI
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It's been a long day for Jez... actually it a been a series of long days for Jez. London - Atlanta - Rhode Island in the last 3 days, then he shot for 12 hours plus today, so I guess we'll let him sleep... of course that's quite a dangerous thing to do when there's a couple of camera's laying around :))) So here it is, the steady hands of The Master... now to shave an eyebrow off before I head to bed myself :)))

Cheers, Matt

PS added at 4-00 AM by Jez .......4 AM thought i'd just do a bit of blogging only to find me ol' mate Matt has been busy......... and i only appear to have one eyebrow....... hehehe......... well i guess revenge is a dish served exaxtly the sme 3 months later....... hehehehe....... i guess i cant really moan....... :-)) thanks mate :-))) Cheers Jez XXXXX

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