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Previous | Next :: Empty Sky : Twin Towers Remains After the September 11th Attack : New York City | May 2, 2011, 8:24 pm

Empty Sky : Twin Towers Remains After the September 11th Attack : New York City
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I remember the first time I ever heard about terrorism. I was a small child. My mother tried to explain some senseless bombing at a railway station from a news item on TV. I think it was in Italy. I was really shocked and disgusted that anyone could commit such a vile act. I had of course previously never thought such a thing could happen.

IRA bombers blew up pubs in my home City of Birmingham later in my childhood. Killing ordinary people with absolutely no connection to anything political, especially not the politics in the north of Ireland. How could they countenance such a disgusting act?

As a young press photographer I went to the scene of many bombings in London committed by the IRA. It was sickening.

In south Africa I stood amongst the body parts of innocents ripped to pieces by the bombs of white supremacists attempting to resist the transition to the new South Africa. Its hard to even try and think back to that time.

On now to the abhorrent bombers of discos and cafes of today who disgustingly wrap their repulsive crimes in a truly nauseating claim to be operating in Gods name.

I am repulsed by them all.

I had made my home in New York City by the time Osama Bin Laden sent his disgusting suicide bombers to slaughter thousands of innocents on the infamous 9-11 attacks of 2001.

He really is one of the most disgusting of them all. Using his advantage of wealth and privilege to inflict his terror and attempt to push his fascist ideology through violence.

Using money and violence to build his cult of murder and nihilism amongst the ignorant in failed states. Taking a leading roll in the perverting of a world religion. Helping turn it towards greater personal oppression, a developing modern fascism and a nihilistic cult of murder and martyrdom to be mixed in with the traditional practice of that religion.

And most of all he disgusts me for murdering thousands of innocents.

Yeah I am glad to see him dead.


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