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Previous | Next :: Ringo Crazed Manic Pup in Snow 2 : Warwickshire Countryside : UK | May 5, 2011, 7:31 pm

Ringo Crazed Manic Pup in Snow 2 : Warwickshire Countryside : UK
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This is what it looked like outside when I launched the Christmas Competition...........

People sent their answers to was all very exciting for a bit.......... then I started dashing about all over the place as usual........... then I promptly forgot the whole thing............. like the idiot I am..........

The snow has melted now..............

Today Matt has sent me the winners names ....... So I can proudly announce the winners names here and now .......... only 5 months too late :-)))))))))) XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Amin, Effie Lissitsas, Lynda, Jane Spencer, Steven Brey, Paul Sykes, Sam Shipton,

These people answered every question right........ or as near as possible to completely right............

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So all of you guys will all be receiving a Jezblog signed taxi piece.............Thanks for taking part......... Sorry about the crazy delay !!!!!!!!!!!


PS........... Here are the questions again :-))))) :

Questions............... :

1./The name of the Motor Bike Veterans group in DC ? :

2./The first name of Jez's old mate and photo agent with Insight-Visual who basically runs Jez's whole life :-)) ? :

3./The name of the best state to be charged in a corrupt way with something you did not do ? :

4./What is the best State for allowing you to go free with a warning by very nice police man when you did do it....... 93mph...... that is ? :

5./The name of Jez's fave girl Jack Russell ? :

6./The name of Jez's fave model and actress from Vietnam ? :

7./The name of the art Magazine to Feature Jez's Taxi's on the front cover ? :

8./Whats the name of the place that gave Jez the most drastic haircut in a mega hurry ? :

9./What was the shape was Jez's Birthday Cake ? :

10./What City is it possible to get caught between the moon and the Marriott ? :

11./What is the name of Banksey's Enemy ? :

12./What is the name of Jez's fave BBC radio personality ? :

13./Whose necklace claims she is a Pack Rat ? :

14./What's the name of the bearded Art Director :

15./What is Jez's big red car normally called ? :

16./Where do cats Sleep? :

17./Which state has muscles and theatrical beauty ? :

18./From Where can you waz into the USA?

19./"theirs' not to make reply"..... "their's not to reason why"........ "their's is but to do and die"........... Where is the writer remembered? :

20./The Free Miner Birds think back to burning issues and dark times...... which in particular?

21./Whats the real name of the building on the imaginary 'Bloodied Wolf Ridge?

22./Jesus and Princess Diana are the icons on the fridge door....... in which state? :

23./What color is Cooters hat ?

24./What is the name of the actress with beautiful red hair and green eyes :

25./Which City would you find the ice roses?

Here are Lynda's perfectly correct answers :

Lynda Ward's answers to Jezblog competition :-)

  1. Rolling Thunder

  2. The brave and fearless Matt S. Hill (who clearly needs a raise and a big Xmas bonus)

  3. Virginia

  4. Wisconsin

  5. Ringo

  6. MinhTu Van

  7. Main Street Rag Literary Mag (article written by the fabulous Lynda Ward)

  8. Rush (ha ha ... mega hurry ... funny)

  9. Caterpillar

  10. San Diego, California

  11. King Robbo and, of course, the Westminster Council

  12. Justin Webb

  13. Heather from PA

  14. Nick

  15. Beast Car (Red Mustang)

  16. Cats sleep anywhere, any table, any chair. Top of piano, window-ledge, in the middle, on the edge. Open draw, empty shoe, anybody's lap will do. Fitted in a cardboard box, in the cupboard with your frocks. Anywhere! They don't care! Cats sleep anywhere.

  17. Houston, Texas

  18. Tijunana, Mexico

  19. Isle of Wight

  20. Poll Tax Riot

  21. Templeton Library in Tennessee

  22. Lincoln, Nebraska

  23. Bright yellow with red letters

  24. Kimberly Lambertson

  25. Philly! Philadelphia, PA

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