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Previous | Next :: Smash it up : Central London : UK | May 10, 2011, 7:45 pm

Smash it up : Central  London : UK
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I see Max Mosley's attempt to smash up press freedom using European law has failed for the time being at least......... thank god.

There is so much in the way of hysteria around attempting to stifle the press in Britain I was worried that the disgusting Max Mosley might well have succeeded.

I don't mind much what people get up to in their sex lives and I am not much interested........... but when they drag around their sordid sex life with prostitutes as a reason why the rest of us cannot live in an open society with a free press I start to mind.

The thought that the son of a famous fascist is attempting to smash up our free society, curtail free speech and truthful journalism through all sorts of legal gagging orders, super injunctions and expensive lible threats does make me feel pretty queasy.

But now he is even attempting to change British Law to get a privacy law imposed on our media. His proposed law would make it that no one rich and powerful should ever be written about without their specific approval......... giving us newspapers like they have in North Korea.

Like I say I'm not really bothered that Max Mosley pays groups of prostitutes to act out S&M fantasies in German ......... the fact that he does that ........... then uses it as an excuse to attempt to smash press freedom disgusts me.


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