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Previous | Next :: Vision of Learning Through Glass PM : Minneapolis Central Library | October 9, 2006, 10:14 pm

Vision of Learning Through Glass PM :  Minneapolis Central Library
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Here is a longer lens PM version of the Minneapolis Central Library through that same blue tinged glass of the balcony wall........Being a Brit..... All I know about Minnesota comes to me from hearing Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion Show (again this weekend I heard him broadcasting from the Minnesota State Fare) so the hip and happening city center in Minneapolis was all a bit unexpected really and the Central Library was just a marvel ....... although I did see that GK is not making it up entirely and I saw a few Lutheran Churches as I rolled into town. Talking of Garrison Keillor, I see he is thinking about photography in his column this week: "My sandy-haired gap-toothed daughter likes to snap my picture on a cellphone as I'm eating my bran flakes in the morning and brooding over the front page of the Times, over which there is now more to brood than ever. She is 8 and she looks stunning in pictures, and I look stunned, as if someone had just clubbed me with a baseball bat. "Smile," she says, and I try, but still I look like an ugly white person who is fixing to die or something"........

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