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Previous | Next :: Caretaker Public School : Detroit Michigan | October 10, 2006, 10:10 pm

Caretaker Public School : Detroit Michigan
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When I first got a real job in photography I worked with an agency called Report/IFL in London.There we specialized in photographing working people. The, by then, elderly man in charge of the agency was Simon Guttman, he has a recognized place in the history of photojournalism, for one thing he gave Robert Capa his first camera and assignment on which he took a now famous image of Trotsky . Simon Guttman is also credited with starting the first photo agency to supply photojournalism in the way many do to day. When I worked with him late in his life he had lost none of his passion for photography or indeed left wing politics. He was a life long anti-fascist and supporter of Trade Unions. Simon always emphasized the importance of attempting to show the dignity of manual labour. I have since that time on always enjoyed being with people as they work especially in traditional industry but also in service industries and all sectors where people are really working. I have often enjoyed the company of real workers and enjoyed attempting to show them at their work. I know, now, I do not always photograph as Simon would have preferred, but he would still like this subject. He would definitely tell me not to shoot Ray as a silhouette. In fact he would have a valid point. Ray is a great guy who works diligently as a Public School Caretaker in Detroit. A great guy with endless patience and good spirits. Im sure he is a brilliant role model to the kids that he sometimes takes for drumming classes. Ray has been a drummer all his life and been in many bands. He still develops new techniques and skills and drums with such passion he has literally put himself in hospital on occasion. A great mix of decency, dependability and hard work with a hint of crazy dreams (I told you about the drumming but I did not mention his racing car) Ray is certainly a great guy that Simon Guttman would have appreciated were he still around.

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