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Previous | Next :: Racist Murderer on Death Row - Denver Colorado | July 10, 2011, 9:05 pm

Racist Murderer on Death Row - Denver Colorado
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Well I received a desperate text from Jez today saying that he's in deepest darkest Norfolk and there's no wi-fi and very little phone service... "please blog".

I know Jez has been in the UK witnessing the demise of the free press and the whole nation has been transfixed with the 'Hue and Cry' and closing down of the News of the World newspaper, but I'm not sure they're aware of America's current fixation... the Casey Anthony trial...

Charged with killing her infant daughter and facing a death sentence, a jury has found her not guilty and she now walks free. The nation is up in arms at the injustice and there's speculation that the excessive media coverage is to blame for the outcome of what was presumed to be a done deal...

The vigilantes are cocking their guns and protests are springing up everywhere at what is allegedly an injustice for the murdered toddler...

Anyway, here's an image Jez took a while back of a person charged and actually found guilty of murder and over whose crimes there is really no doubt. Nathan Thill was convicted of a terrible murder that he carried out in the name of white supremacy.

Cheers, Matt

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