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Previous | Next :: Jez Coulson Joke Promo Poster #2 : by Trend Influence : Atlanta | July 13, 2011, 11:25 pm

Jez Coulson Joke Promo Poster #2 : by Trend Influence : Atlanta
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Well it seems that the U.S are jumping in on the hunt to find Murdoch corp wrong doings. Senator Jay Rockefeller is demanding a full investigation of Murdoch media companies and is convinced that they will find something illegal. Aside of the politics around all of this there's a potential for the closing down of a load of media organizations in the same way that News of the World has been closed, but it's okay, The National Enquirer will still exist with it's headlines like "Oprah hits 246 pounds" and "John Edwards' Mistress Moving In"... it's all the news we need really :)

Anyway, Jez will hopefully be back in the land of Wi-Fi by the weekend and able to maintain his own blog. For now though, here's another poster from the talented people of Trend Influence with a tag that has always tickled me :)))

Don't forget, if you think you could do us a good poster with any of the pics on this blog ? ....... have a go :-))......... sensible or silly....... send it to us :-)........... if we think its any good it'll go on the blog here and we will print you a high res signed version of it hehehehehe.......... :-)))))))))))

Cheers, Matt

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