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Previous | Next :: To Hot to move : LA : USA | July 21, 2011, 11:34 pm

To Hot to move : LA : USA
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Its to hot to move here in Atlanta too :-))

Yesterday before I arrived in the heat and humidity of Georgia....... I was running about stuffing things in bags about to zap to London's Heathrow Airport when I heard Neil Kinnock on the Today Program on BBC Radio 4. Kinnock was the ex leader of the Labour Party. Back in the day he lost the General Election when he was expected to win. The Sun newspaper claimed to have engineered that loss on the final day of the campaign. Clearly Kinnock has never forgotten it.

Still, you might think by now Lord Kinnock would claim a kind of senior statesman roll with the nations interests at heart ....... but I have to say he sounded just like the bitter partisan he always was.

When asked about the News International roll in supporting the newspapers that are widely regarded as a big asset to Britain..... highly regarded but not big profit making newspapers...... The Times and the Sunday Times........ oddly Kinnock seemed to have adopted a true Thatcherite market economics position wanting them to collapse if the market will not support them.

For any profitable newspapers he was suggesting some kind of regulation of the press like there is of the BBC broadcasts ...... or in fact all TV stations in the UK........ they are supposed to be non political or at least not obviously partisan.

But to have newspapers regulated as to what they are allowed to say in and print?????????????

It might be alright for the Castro brothers........ yes if any one writes the wrong thing ....... maybe they could get a 20 year prison sentence like in Cuba ?

Kinnock wants to sweep away all the gains of the pampheleteers and all they fought for in winning an open society ........ Thomas Paine would be rolling in his grave .......... get rid of 'the rights of man' the right of to speak and publish freely ........ just so Kinnock knows he gets the last laugh ....... The revenge of Kinnock for his humiliation....... he wants to end publishing freedoms just because the Sun once crowed....... "Its the Sun what won it ! ".


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