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Previous | Next :: Welcome to Virginia : Jez Coulson Fear of The Virginia Cops.... Here to Get You : Virginia Welcome Park | August 1, 2011, 2:11 am

Welcome to Virginia : Jez Coulson  Fear of The Virginia Cops.... Here to Get You : Virginia Welcome Park
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Me and The Beast Car have made it through Virginia unscathed......... unlikely but true........ it was disguised as a horse drawn vehicle obviously............ I wore my usual village idiot disguise ............ to comply with Virginia State law all vehicles require a horse to pull them......... and obviously I did not drive above the State maximum speed of 4 mph. This pic was made on the North Carolina Virginia border.......... before the terrifying journey through and out the otherside of Virginia into Maryland.

This is a little conversation with my friend from Virginia on facebook.......................

Candy : a gift in my inbox this morning. keeping the love of virginia alive. thanks jezc.

Saturday · Like ·

Jez Coulson hehehe......... me and the Beast Car rolled through Virginia successfully without being molested by Virginia\'s Finest and most corrupt......... I\'m now in Maryland so I can breathe easy..... at the point this was made we were feeling at our most worried this is the Welcome to Virginia rest stop on the border between North Carolina and Virginia on the I85/I95 we got to make it across the whole State at that point :-??????? Saturday at 10:21pm · Like

Candy : silly brit. if you are good to virginia, she is good to you. 23 hours ago · Like

Jez Coulson Oh yes no doubt thats true.... er well except the cops of course..... they did not see us this time so all was good :-)) On the last 3 visits we have had a few issues.... once for driving a car.... the other two for having a camera..... this time i did not stop.... did not get the cameras out of the trunk..... that is the best I find.... no doubt other people develop different ways of being good to Virginia...generally i find by being good to Virginia in my case that means not going there.... Matt thought I was messing about till the last camera related problem he got back in the car set the GPS for the closest border..... we literally just finished having a lovely chat about our photography with Virginias finest and most corrupt/scary.... got back in the car and made a break for the border....... Matt was suddenly not interested in the most direct route home he had become enormously interested in just leaving Virginia ASAP even if it involved going via North Carolina.... Maybe its just being a Brit or having out of State plates or a funny accent or looking vaguely liberal..... or having a camera... Obviously my feeling just reflects my personal experience it\'s no doubt very different for others..... but you know my motto:\' Don\'t do drugs kids and Don\'t go to Virginia\' Its about being good to yourself and Virginia hehehehehe:-)))))))


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