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Previous | Next :: Icons and the Tornado Storm : Joplin : Missouri | August 31, 2011, 7:04 pm

Icons and the Tornado Storm : Joplin : Missouri
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These icons were left to raise peoples spirits as after the destruction of the conjoined tornadoes ripped through Joplin killing hundreds.

They individually and jointly represent the belief structure of, I expect pretty well all, of the effected people....... I heard scores of people speaking about the cross that was left behind after all else was destroyed......... and also people speaking proudly of the assistance of fellow Americans who had come from miles away some across many States to volunteer ....... to help people salvage what they could and to bring food and other essentials..........

Here is another slither from Christina's Sunday Times article :

On the other side of Main Street stands a cross, which is all that remains of St Mary’s church. The Irish-born priest, Father Justin Monaghan, was in his living room watching golf when the warnings broadcast. He survived by sheltering in his bathtub with his arms over his head. “There was a terrible sound like a freight train coming into the bathroom, then masonry coming down, walls cracked, then the ceiling cracked, water started pouring down. It felt like a long time but may have been only 30 seconds.

“When it stopped, I opened my eyes and the door and saw 10ft of debris. The whole house was gone — all I saw was sky. Electrical wires were hanging down. I was trapped. I wondered how long it would take to die. After about an hour, I heard a voice calling ‘Father, Father’. I couldn’t believe I was rescued. The house was destroyed, the church destroyed, the school we run for 250 kids destroyed, but the cross was still standing.”


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