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Previous | Next :: Signs Of Life 9-11 : Streets Renamed to Honor Heroes : Firefighter Frank Palombo : NYC | September 10, 2011, 7:39 pm

Signs Of Life 9-11 : Streets Renamed to Honor Heroes : Firefighter Frank Palombo  : NYC
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More from the 'Signs of Life' Project that I undertook to record the streets renamed in honor of 9/11 heroes. This is the ceremony to reveal the new sign on the street where Frank Palombo lived with his family. The picture is made just as the priest is blessing the sign with holy water.

I found this tribute to Frank on a memorial website

"I worked with Frank many years before September 11, 2001 when he had aspirations to become a priest. I remember one time when he "locked" our supervisor (who deserved it) in a closet simply by holding the door shut. I had many laughs working with Frank who never semed to worry about very much in life.

When he told me of his 2 month motorcycle tour of the United States I was always somewhat envious and proud of him for doing that. I believe he took this long ride to allow himself time to think about what he really wanted to do with his life. I believe shortly after riding across our beautiful country meeting people from all walks of life he then decided that Karen and a family was his destiny.

I found Frank to be a really cheerful person always with a positive outlook and a terrific sense of humor. He could brighten up any room with his vibrant personality. Shortly after he became a fireman he told me how much he loved the job and being a family man. If the opportunity arise for me I too shall take a tour of our beautiful country and I know Frank will be riding along side me with that big smile."

*** Posted by Peter Bouchez on 2004-04-08 ***

Matt has put together a video of some of the other streets we photographed.............. thanx Matt ........ ................

Its sad to think back.......... I remember walking over the Brooklyn Bridge one night in the Summer of 2001 and just marveling at New York City, at Manhattan, at the Twin Towers in particular....... they seemed like a symbol of how dynamic and amazing NYC and the US could be...... how it was just such fun to be in New York City .......... now of course it is impossible to think of the towers without the sadness of September the 11th 2001 compromising all memory............ today I will try and think back to how it was before......... and of all the terrible things that happened on that shocking day. My Condolences to all who lost family and friends, people whose lives were changed that day ......... to all the people who still suffer the consequences of that attack even today....... especially today......... ten years later exactly.


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