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Previous | Next :: Crazy Weather Over Heathrow Airport : London : UK | October 3, 2011, 2:10 am

Crazy Weather Over Heathrow Airport : London : UK
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I can't believe the weather the UK is having........ Saturday was literally the hottest October day since records began or something crazy like that ...... and it was apparently the third hottest day of the year in Britain ....... and it was all happening in October !?!?!?!?!

When I last saw London a couple of weeks back it was doing the usual London in Fall/Autumn thing....... as you see above........ this is what I saw looking out of Terminal 4 (Shot on my little pocket Sony NEX5) at Heathrow while I waited for my plane to NYC ......... it was getting kind of cold and miserable that whole week ........ my plane was delayed because it was struck by lightning (I had lightening before Gazza below pointed out the mistake :-)) )..... and needed a full check over when it actually landed.

But now Brits have been rushing to the beach to catch some glorious sunshine all weekend :-))))))))))))))))))

Seems kind of crazy but its way warmer in London than it is here in Atlanta............ sadly for sun starved Brits....... I don't think its gonna last but hey nice for everyone in the UK to get a bit of Summer when they least expect it ........ hehehehe.... :-))))))))))))))))

Have fun guys :-))))))))))))))))))))))


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